plastic baseball bat

Although the official professional season does not begin until the end of March, pre-season practice can start as early as February. Now, you may not be in the professional leagues, but you still want to be ready for baseball season when the snow is gone, and the bases are clear. What better way for you and your junior team to get in shape than with SweetSpot Baseball™. 

Slide Into Home Base With SweetSpot

Baseball is a significant thread running through the fabric of American life. For over 175 years kids of all ages have been playing the game with whatever was handy and in whatever space was available. Some of these amateurs developed their skills to the point where they were able to play in the professional leagues. In fact, slightly over 10 percent of Little League players make it into Major League Baseball.

When you first start playing, regulation bats and balls can be challenging to play with, but SweetSpot gear has the size and durability without the weight. This makes our bats and balls perfect for those younger players just starting out, as well as older players who want to get in a little practice.

Shake Off the Winter Doldrums

The days are getting longer, and soon things are going to warm up. The call of the outdoors will change from winter to summer sports. Get ready for the season by equipping yourself with the latest SweetSpot gear. Check out our Sr. 34 Bat and Spaseball Combo, or, for younger players, we have the 28 Jr. Bat and Baseball Combo. You’ll hit it out of the park with our equipment.

Soon, the professionals will hit the training camps and start working on their moves. You can start your training soon, too, with SweetSpot Baseball. Order your Domingo Ayala Signature Series Combo today and start warming up for the season. Check out our website for the latest in SweetSpot products and news.