baseball christmas presentDo you know a kid (or kid at heart) who’s always up for a trip to the ballpark? Maybe a Little-Leaguer-In-Training who is ready to graduate from hitting with the help of tees to hitting with a youth-sized bat and regulation-sized ball? Perhaps a teenager or young adult who loves to play backyard ball with friends? 

If you know a baseball enthusiast and you’re looking for the perfect gift, SweetSpot Baseball™ has everything you need to bring a smile to their face and a ring to their bat this holiday season. 

The SweetSpot Baseball Bat & Ball Combo Set

For young baseball players, it’s probably easiest that they learn their stance, their swing and their personal playing style before picking up a heavier bat. That’s why the SweetSpot Junior Bat and Ball Combo is perfect for those who are just getting started. Made of durable plastic, this bat is lightweight and well-balanced. It also sports some great graphics and Domingo Ayala’s printed signature as well. If there’s anyone your young baseball player should look up to, it’s Domingo Ayala. Our Senior Bat and Spaseball Combo is perfect for the teen-adult players, with Big League balance and feel.

SweetSpot Baseball 3-Pack

While the SSB bat and ball combo set comes with one SS Baseball, you’ll probably want to stock up on a few more. You never know when one might make it over the fence! These baseballs are made of lightweight but durable plastic, standing up to hit after hit as your young player gets better at hitting that sweet spot. Designed to regulation size, they also have the look and feel of a real baseball. With the look and feel of actual stitching, it’s easier to get their grip just right to perfect that curveball. 

SSB Spaseball 3-Pack

Also designed to be lightweight for baseball enthusiasts of all ages is the SweetSpot Spaseball™. With a hollow core, it weighs just 1.5 ounces, which makes it easier for younger players to throw and hit home runs. Wrapped around the lightweight plastic is a synthetic leather cover. This gives the Spaseball a more realistic look and feel, and even includes hand stitching. You’ll want to grab a 3-pack so they and their friends can keep the game going. 

The SweetSpot Baseball brand is intended for players of all ages who love the game. Our Junior 28 Bat & Plastic Baseball Combo was designed specifically with younger baseball players in mind, with products that match their abilities as they learn and gain more experience. For our more seasoned ball players, we designed the Senior 34 Bat & Spaseball Combo. If you’re shopping for a baseball enthusiast this holiday season (or any time of year), give a home-run gift from SweetSpot!