Baseball has been long known as the great American pastime. Chances are when you were a kid, you played some form of baseball in your yard, park, alley or street, and you didn’t always use regulation equipment. If you were a kid in the 50s, 60s or 70s, you played stickball with a broom handle or plastic bat hitting a plastic ball, baseball or even a tennis ball, and called it “playing baseball.” Little League has been around most of our lives and helped many kids feel the thrill of competition and the joy of the baseball green. If you weren’t on a team, you were in the stands or working the concessions. Baseball has been part of the thrill of childhood for most Americans.

Baseball’s American History

There is a difference of opinion as to when Baseball began in the US. The Baseball Hall of Fame has it pegged as beginning in 1846, with a team named the Knickerbockers, who played against the New York Nines in the first organized game, in New Jersey. Other dates floating around include the early 1900s and some even place it all the way back to the late 1700s. Many speculate that Baseball is the American adaptation of a British game called rounders. Everyone seems to agree that once baseball took off, America’s love of team sports took off with it.

Baseball’s Impact on US Culture

In many ways, the game of baseball has helped shape our American culture. American slang is filled with references to baseball, such as “sliding into home base,” “out of left field,” “as American as baseball and apple pie,” and “hitting a home run.” Most Americans hear the title of the song “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” and literally hear the music in their minds. It’s hard to resist singing the first line or two on the spot, and when they sing that song, it’s hard not to grin. Movies like Field of Dreams and A League of Their Own are family favorites. 

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