plastic baseball bat and ball

After a cold and wet winter, you are probably itching for baseball season to begin. The first order of business is checking your baseball equipment. Bats, mitts and balls are all essential components of the game. If your equipment has suffered winter wear and tear, it could put a dampener on any plans to get out on the diamond. 

Moisture Damage

Bats and balls that have been left outdoors may have suffered damage. Wooden bats, especially, are vulnerable to moisture. When water gets into the wood, it warps the bat or causes the material to swell. A bat that is out of shape will have an impact on accuracy and power. 

The SweetSpot Sr. 34 Bat and Spaseball Combo makes for the ideal upgrade. If you are introducing younger players to the game this season, the 28 Jr. Bat and Baseball Combo is great starter gear. Don’t let the winter weather spoil your spring and summer plans. Replace those water-damaged bats and balls today. 

Chips and Dents

Another issue that can affect the performance of baseball gear is chips and dents. Professional baseball players pitch and hit with precision. Every calculation takes the condition of the player’s equipment into account. Even if you are just playing for fun at the neighborhood park, it’s always better to have gear that is in good condition. 

Baseballs can suffer damage that will change how they react during pitching or hitting. Check your baseballs for deep scratches, splits or loss of mass.

So, are you ready for baseball season? Buy all your gear from SweetSpot online for fast delivery on competitively priced products. We are here to help you get the most, this summer, from the game that is considered America’s national sport.