Summer seems to fly by so fast–almost as fast as one of our SweetSpotSpaseballs! If you talk to the old folks, Grandma or Grandpa or maybe even your Great-Grands, they might be able to tell you stories of their summers playing ball with the neighborhood kids. Back then, things weren’t so serious. It was all about having fun!

A Ballpark Is Nice, but Not Necessary

In the good old days, the ballpark was often somebody’s backyard. For some, it was the alleyway when all the adults were at work and kids didn’t have to worry much about cars stopping the game. Those were the days when kids would spend hours tossing balls and hitting them out as far as they could. Sometimes the ball might go three or even four backyard lengths before dropping to the ground.

What does your ballpark look like? It doesn’t have to be fancy. Be creative – kids of all ages and the young-at-heart can have fun just about anywhere. Now is the time to create fond memories of summer days hanging with friends, playing ball and sipping lemonade. Not everybody can go hang out at the beach or lounge by the lake, but everyone can grab their SweetSpot gear and find a place to hit a few Spaseballs.

Summer Doesn’t Last Forever

Winter is going to be here eventually and, like always, it will probably wear out its welcome sooner than later. That’s just another good reason to grab your Domingo Ayala Signature Series SSB bat, your Spaseballs and a few willing chums to go play ball. You have to make the most of these warm summer days while they last. 

Getting unplugged, hanging outside with friends and playing ball is a good thing all around. You get fresh air for your lungs, exercise for your body, endorphins for your brain and lots of good solid fun. Get your practice in for upcoming games or just enjoy the last days of summer playing ball. SweetSpot makes it fun for all.