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The entire family will be hitting dingers with the SweetSpot Family Homerun Softball Kit. This kit contains all you need for a season of family fun on the backyard ball field.

The Spaseball redefines every pitch, with its unique design that looks, feels, and acts like a regulation softball at a fraction of the weight! This patent-pending product is simply the best ball available.

Spaseball Specifications:

  • Regulation size and authentic softball look and feel without the weight…only 2.5 oz!
  • Synthetic leather cover with hand-stitched seams for the most realistic practice & game ball on the market.
  • Hollow plastic core provides light weight with extreme durability.

Bat Specifications:

  • Center Balance Technology for big league balance and feel.
  • Patent-pending handle design.
  • Custom SweetSpot grip tape.
  • Eye-catching graphics.
  • Lightweight and rugged polyethylene construction.


  • 1 Patent-pending 34 SweetSpot Softball Bat
  • 1 Patent-pending 11 inch Spaseball Softball
  • 3 Plastic softballs
  • 2 Foul cones
  • 5 Sweetspot rubber Bases (including homeplate and pitcher’s mound)


Product Weights

34 Softball Bat: 10.6 oz
Softball Spaseball: 2.5oz
SSB Base Set: 3lb
SSB Plastic Softballs: 1.3 oz