Sierra Romero SweetSpot Softball Combo

Now you can play backyard ball with the same speed and excitement as softball icon, Sierra Romero. Our patent-pending 11 inch Spaseball Softball, and 34 Softball bat incorporate the same patent-pending technology as our supremely successful SweetSpot Spaseball and baseball bats. Our Sierra Romero signature softball bat features eye-catching custom graphics and unique Firsty grip tape. The ball comes emblemized with a Sierra Romero signature.

Spaseball Specifications:

  • Regulation size and authentic baseball look and feel without the weight…only 2.5 oz!
  • Synthetic leather cover with hand-stitched seams for the most realistic practice ball on the market.
  • Hollow plastic core provides light weight with extreme durability.

Bat Specifications:

  • Center Balance Technology for Big League balance and feel.
  • Patent-Pending handle design.
  • Custom SweetSpot grip tape
  • Eye popping graphics.
  • Lightweight and rugged Polyethylene construction


  • 1 Patent-Pending SweetSpot Sierra Romero Signature 34 Softball Bat with Firsty grip tape.
  • 1 Patent-Pending 11 inch Sierra Romero Signature Spaseball Softball

Sierra Romero

“I’m thrilled to be partnering with a team that is growing the game of Softball both on regulation fields and in neighborhood backyards.” noted Romero. “The SweetSpot line of products are the best available for young players looking to play a real game everyday, on any field. They are as good as the real thing. These are simply amazing products, with incredible benefit to softball players.”